Creating Branded Glass Meeting Room Dividers

Conference room dividers are a great way to break up the space of an open-plan board room. With a variety of glass partitions, you can create modern and funky meeting rooms of different sizes. Additionally, you can customize your conference rooms with branded glass dividers. These partitions will help you transform your conference room from … Read more

Using Specialty Glass for Bird Protection

The sound of a bird crashing into your glass window at full speed is sickening and unforgettable. Unfortunately, this is a widespread occurrence, especially where property developers install window panes that are not visible to the birds. When birds look at these glasses, they see the reflection of the sky, trees, and other buildings instead … Read more

Design Treatments for Shower Doors

An artistically designed glass shower door adds an element of elegance and style to your bathroom while giving you the kind of privacy you need when taking a shower. But as with any other shower fixture, your shower door is constantly exposed to moisture, mineral deposits, and unsightly grime. Therefore, it needs to be appropriately … Read more

History of Decorative Leaded Glass

Commonly referred to as crystal, leaded glass is a special variety of glass that contains lead instead of the calcium content found in classic potash glass. The leaded glass typically has 18-40 percent lead (by weight). This type of glass is very popular among interior designers because of its clarity. In the past, leaded glass … Read more

Using Etched Glass in Interior Design

Glass etching is a common technique created in the mid-1800s to create art on a glass surface for aesthetic purposes. Today, this technique is still very common in commercial and residential properties. Glass etching involves making artistic patterns on a glass surface by applying an acidic, abrasive, or corrosive substance. In the past, glass etching … Read more

Using Patterned Glass for a Cool, Modern Look

Patterned glass is a glass surface with a pattern or uneven, translucent texture. The glass can be either one-sided or double-sided. Patterned glass is mainly used for decorative purposes. The decorative patterns allow light to pass while offering distortion to prevent an unobstructed view through the glass. Although this glass consists of the same physical … Read more

Top 5 Uses for Glass in Architecture

The transparent and fragile nature of glass makes it the ideal choice for many extraordinary architectural creations that require an element of individuality and appeal. That’s why glass remains one of the most popular construction materials. It provides almost countless aesthetic options, along with exceptional performance. Unlike wood and metal, glass is completely resistant to … Read more

Top 3 Uses for Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is now one of the most sought-after construction materials worldwide, with architects and interior designers inventing different ways of cashing in on it in their projects. In the past, people were reluctant to use glass for construction purposes because it could break easily and get shattered into sharp pieces. But the invention of … Read more

Elegant Custom Glass Doors

Elegant custom glass doors have become extremely common among interior designers, architects, and other property development professionals due to their efficacy in creating open and accessible spaces in homes and offices. These glass doors ensure bold and exclusive interior designs while providing an uplifting change of style compared to the customary opaque walls and barriers. … Read more

Using Low-E Glass for Skylights

Custom Glass Skylight TX

Skylights are very common in modern homes because of their ability to provide natural lighting, sky views, ventilation, and emergency exit. However, some homeowners have complained that their skylights cause excessive heat during the warmer seasons and unnecessary greenhouse effect. Thankfully, modern architectural engineers have discovered the low emissivity glass, which has proved to be … Read more