Top 3 Uses for Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is now one of the most sought-after construction materials worldwide, with architects and interior designers inventing different ways of cashing in on it in their projects. In the past, people were reluctant to use glass for construction purposes because it could break easily and get shattered into sharp pieces.

But the invention of the tempered glass has made it possible for property developers to use glass to construct strong, durable, and beautiful structures. In this article, we will discuss the three main uses of tempered glass.

Office Partitioning

In the past, interior designers relied on concrete and wood to partition offices. Today, tempered glass has replaced these materials, which adds an element of brilliance and elegance to the office. It also makes an office look more spacious and uncluttered. Tempered glass supplies the office with natural light, reducing your energy costs. With enough natural light, you can switch off your lights to save energy.

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Office partitions made of tempered glass help to improve your office’s aesthetic value. With the growing global competition, your main objective should be to win over new clients. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to use tempered glass partitions. They will help you to create an elegant corporate look and feel that will impress every visitor.


Apart from office partitions, tempered glass is also perfect for constructing glass railings. Whether they are for indoor or outdoor installation, your glass railings need to be able to withstand the elements and abrasion. Therefore, thick, hardened glass is the ideal material for railings. Tempered glass railings are tough and strong enough to withstand heavy knocks and constant exposure to the elements.

The tempering process adds rigidity to the glass, preventing cracks and other types of damages. Besides, tempered glass railings are easily customizable, allowing you to add an element of elegance to your home or office. Glass railings are ideal for constructing decks, staircases, pools, walkways, and other types of barriers.

Doors and Windows

Tempered glass doors and windows are now very common in homes and commercial buildings because of their consistency in guaranteeing safety. When ordinary glass breaks, it shatters into sharp pieces that can cause serious injuries. On the other hand, tempered glass is five times stronger than standard glass and breaks into tiny pieces that are less likely to cause injuries.

Also, tempered glass is heat resistant, and its thermal stability is two times higher than that of ordinary glass. Therefore, it will help to control temperatures in your house, making it more energy-efficient.