Using Mirrors in Interior Design

Mirrors have become an integral part of modern interior décor due to their ability to create timeless beauty and minimalist styles. Simple mirrors can amp up an old interior space, giving it maximum depth and dimension. Mirrors can make a huge difference in your interior space if you want ideas to create bespoke designs in your house. This article provides ideas on how to use mirrors in interior design.

Create a Mirror Gallery

You can use mirrors as framed pictures and arrange them together to create a beautiful gallery wall. This artwork requires mirrors with the same designs but different sizes and shapes. Like an art gallery, l become a focal point for the entire room and will also reflect light to create more depth.

Mirrored Furniture

If you live in a small apartment with limited space, you should use mirrored furniture to create an illusion of more space. Bulky furniture in a small room feels overpowering. But if you installed mirrored table, they look lighter and less commanding.

They also create reflections that reduce the feeling of bulkiness. Some of the best-mirrored fittings in your house include side tables, bar carts, coffee tables, and sideboards. You can use tinted mirrors to create a vintage appearance.

Mirrors Next to the Windows

When you place mirrors strategically next to the windows, they’ll make dim or small rooms look larger and brighter. Just hang the mirror next to the window so that it can reflect light and outdoor elements, making the room more colorful and more prominent. The mirror also serves as an extra window.

Mirrors and Pieces of Art

When you place mirrors next to your décor elements, they create the illusion of having extra pieces of art in your room. For instance, you can place a mirror next to your vase, sculpture, or lamp to highlight it.

Mirrors and Vanity Tables

Place a mirror next to or above the vanity table outside your bathroom to create space for your beauty and grooming routine. You can also add a chair and a focused light to make your vanity table suitable for your daily prep.

Mirrors and Lights

You can transform your ordinary-looking room into a dazzling space by blending lights with mirrors. For instance, you can place mirrors behind your lamps, floor lamps, candles, and sconces to irradiate the room when the mirror bounces back the light.