Residential & Commercial

Our Custom Glass & Mirror Services

A stunning variety of glass designs to suit every aesthetic. Made in Ft. Worth Texas.

All items are 100% customizable, handmade in Fort Worth, Texas

What can DGS do for you?

Connect with us and find out.

Residential or commercial, new build or renovation, DGS has the beautiful glass designs to enhance your spaces.
Custom mirrors and windows complete the look of this bathroom renovation.
Moonglass was created right here at DGS. It’s popular for a range of residential and commercial uses.
Handmade designs mean we can create any shapes and sizes to suit your vision.
Beautifully framed mirrors upgrade the look of any bathroom.
Our custom mirrors and LED lighting options are terrific for fitness facilities, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, entertainment rooms, and more.

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Design adds value faster than it adds costs.