Using Low-E Glass for Skylights

Skylights are very common in modern homes because of their ability to provide natural lighting, sky views, ventilation, and emergency exit. However, some homeowners have complained that their skylights cause excessive heat during the warmer seasons and unnecessary greenhouse effect. Thankfully, modern architectural engineers have discovered the low emissivity glass, which has proved to be very effective in creating skylights with low U-factor. This article discusses some of the significant benefits of using Low-E glass for skylights. But first, let’s start by understanding what Low-E glass means.

What Is a Low-E Glass?

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First of all, Low-E stands for low emissivity. Low-E glass is glass-coated in microscopic layers of invisible metallic oxides that allow more natural light to pass through the glass while controlling radiant heat. These metallic oxides also protect you against the harmful UV rays from the sun. That’s why more homeowners are now using Low-E glass for their skylights. Here are some benefits of installing Low-E glass skylights in your home.

Safer Natural Light

If your skylights are made of normal glass, you will be exposed to dangerous UV rays, which will burn your skin, cause skin cancers, damage your carpets’ color, and destroy your furniture. But with Low-E glass skylights, you get to enjoy more natural light in the house without exposing yourself to the harmful UV rays.

Less Utility Bills

By allowing more natural light to enter the house, you reduce your monthly electricity bills because you won’t need to turn on the lights during the day. You won’t need to keep the air conditioner running all day because you can allow cool air to enter the house through the skylights. You won’t have to keep the heating system running through the winter season because the infrared light that enters the house through the Low-E glass skylight will provide additional warmth.

Controlled Radiant Heat

Although the infrared light is necessary for keeping the house warm, it should be controlled to avoid excess heat. Luckily, Low-E glass skylights can control radiant heat as it enters and leaves your home. This glass reflects some segments of the light spectrum into the house to provide warmth. It will reflect the light spectrum away from the house to keep it cool in the hot months. This will save you unnecessary electricity bills while creating a comfortable living atmosphere.