Using Glass Desktops to Brighten Up Your Home Office

Are you tired of the dull old-style wooden furniture in your office? If so, you should consider upgrading it with some customized glass desktops. Studies have shown that glass desktops are the future of office furniture. In the past, interior designers only used glass to break up space in the office. But this outlook has since changed as more office spaces are now being fitted with glass furniture. This article looks at how glass desktops will brighten your home office.

Adding Radiance

Commercial Glass Custom MadeUnlike wood and metal, glass desktops are perfect for adding visual interest to your home office. A glass desktop will give back radiance, particularly when positioned close to the light or at an angle that allows it to reflect the light. This improves the overall appearance of your office. However, it is important to position your glass furniture at an angle that will create the desired reflective property. This means that the beam of light and the reflected light should have the same angle. If you are not sure how this can be achieved, hire a professional interior designer to do it for you.

Light Up Dark Corners

If you have dark corners in your home office where natural and artificial light doesn’t reach, you should consider using furniture with glass tops to brighten the hidden spaces. Make sure to place the furniture at an angle that achieves the reflective property. Identify the source of the light and align your furniture accordingly. For instance, a table with a glass top should be placed in the pathway. Facing the entrance or the window will help you disperse natural light to different parts of your home office and brighten concealed spaces. Also, because the glass desktops are transparent, they allow light to reach the dark corners of your office.

Light Up the Floor and Walls

A wooden desktop is opaque and will conceal the floor, making the room appear dull and constricted. A glass desktop allows light to pass through, lighting up the floor. It also eliminates shadows underneath tables, making the entire room brighter. Glass desktops also brighten walls with the reflected light. However, you should paint your walls with light paint because it reflects light better. Dark shades will absorb light and make your office to appear darker.

Lastly, consider fitting your home office with as many glass desktops as possible because they will help you carry light to the darkest corners.