Using Windows for Climate Control in Winter and Summer

When the outdoor temperatures rise or fall, you will rely on your windows for protection against harsh weather conditions. This is particularly important if you live in an area where the summer and winter seasons always bring trouble. Therefore, you need windows to keep you and your family members warm during winter and cool in summer.

Most property owners in America have discovered the benefits of installing windows that can withstand extreme cold and hot climates. Continue reading to learn more about windows that are designed for climate control.

Windows to Keep Your House Warm in Winter

In most parts of the United States, winter means a drastic drop in outdoor temperatures, at times to freezing levels. Therefore, your windows should be able to keep the cold outside while preventing the warmth generated by your heating system from escaping your home. These windows should also be able to insulate your house and lower your monthly energy utility cost.

There are different types of windows that you can install in your house for this purpose. For instance, you can choose windows with two or three panes, too, effectively protect your home from the freezing weather outside. Manufacturers of these windows fill the spaces between the panes with krypton or argon gas to add an extra layer of protection. These windows have proved to be nine times more effective in keeping out cold temperatures than the traditional single-pane windows.

Furthermore, these windows are treated with a Low-E coating to prevent the infrared and ultraviolet light from passing through and reflect radiant heat into your house. For this reason, choose windows with a high solar heat-gain coefficiency (SHGC) rating because they are very effective in keeping your home warm.

Windows to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

When installing windows in your home, you need to ensure that they are adequately insulated to prevent the cool air generated by your fan or HVAC system from escaping your house in the summer. The best windows to keep your home cool should have a vinyl coating and have chambers to allow extra insulation.

They should also have argon and krypton gases to maintain cold temperatures in the house throughout the hot climate. These gases are odorless and colorless to allow natural light to enter your home. They are usually sprayed in the spaces between window panes to keep temperatures in the house consistent throughout the year.