Psychological Benefits of Glass Construction

Although it is not the work of an architect to determine how people will respond emotionally to their building designs, studies have shown that architectural designs can help create specific emotional responses in people who view them. So, as an architect or property developer, it is essential to consider the possible psychological benefits that the building you’re designing or constructing will have on people.

Research has also revealed that perception, threshold, color, and shape are critical in framing human emotions derived from architectural designs and specifications in glass designs. This article discusses the psychological benefits of glass construction.

Psychological Benefits of Glass Structures

The simple combined effect of space and the interaction of glass with motion can easily create emotions and particular behavioral responses in people who see, visit, or live in the glass building. Here are some of the psychological benefits of having a glass structure.

Creating an Illusion of More Space

Glass doors, windows, facades, partitions, and walls help to create an optical illusion of more space in the house. When someone can see through the glass into the interior space or different surroundings, they get a feeling that the rooms are much bigger and open than they are.

This also helps to elongate a room and give a completely different feel and ambiance from what a solid timber or concrete construction would offer. Furthermore, a glass construction allows more natural light to enter the room, lighting up all corners of the room. This further helps to make the interior space appear larger than it is.

Lively and Engaging

Since glass can absorb, refract, and transmit light, it makes a building look more attractive and engaging. Consequently, it helps to improve the mood of its occupants. A building with concrete walls and steel or wooden doors looks monotonous and gloomy. This can negatively affect its occupants’ psychological wellbeing. When you are bored, your stress levels increase, making it difficult for you to perform optimally.

Welcoming and Honest

A glass door, wall, or partition that allows visitors to see through into the interior parts of your home or office adds an element of friendliness and honesty. This is particularly important for businesses because it makes customers feel comfortable. It is also a simple way of telling your customers that you have nothing to hide. It also makes clients feel like they can trust you.