Using Decorative Glass for Privacy

Whether you are building a home or office, your privacy is one of the most important considerations you have to make. It’s irrational to leave your interior space open for everyone to see what’s inside. Therefore, when installing your glass windows and facades, make sure they add an element of privacy.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to add privacy to your commercial and residential building is to use decorative glass. Various types of decorative glasses offer different opacity levels. So, the type of decorative glass you choose depends on the amount of privacy you desire. This article talks more about using decorative glass for privacy.

What Is Decorate Glass?

Also referred to as decorative glass, decorative glass is a type of glass used to add splendor and bravura to space. It also refers to frosted, colored, stained, and textured glass. This type of glass can be used in both commercial and residential areas. It is suitable for windows, doors, stairways, handrails, desks, tables, and walls.

How to Add Privacy with Decorative Glass

You can either choose a factory-etched decorative glass or a decorative glass film. This film is a thin layer of polyester or vinyl film attached to an even glass surface. However, this decorative glass film cannot be installed onto the textured glass. Also, you need to understand that each of these decorative glass films offers different levels of privacy.

Frosted Decorative Glass Film

This type of glass film is translucent and blocks visibility while allowing a certain percentage of light to pass. A frosted decorative glass film is available in various opacities or shades, including light and translucent. The two levels of opacity allow you to see shadows behind the glass without seeing the fine details.

Stained Decorative Glass Film

A stained decorative glass film mimics the authentic look of stained glass. It is available in various colors and stained glass patterns. So, you can choose different colors and designs for different parts of your house. Also, this decorative glass film offers different levels of opacity. Some opacities allow more light than others. Therefore, the type of stained decorative glass you choose depends on the amount of privacy and amount of light you want to enter your room.

Colored Decorative Glass Film

A colored decorative glass film comes in a variety of colors to meet different aesthetic needs. It also offers different levels of opacity. Apart from adding privacy to your house, this glass film also filters light, reduces glare, and strengthens the glass.