Considerations When Using Full Height Windows

Windows are an important part of every residential and commercial building. They not only let in the light but also improve the building’s interior and exterior look. Ordinarily, windows are made of transparent glass. But there are other types of glasses designed to offer different levels of transparency.

In addition to opacity and transparency, you also need to consider the height of your windows. Building codes in many states define the sizes of windows in different parts of the home. These regulations are meant to ensure that the safety of the occupants is given priority when the house is constructed or renovated. Continue reading to know the essential considerations you have to make when using full-height windows.


The height and location of your windows affect the overall appearance of your house, from both inside and outside. Therefore, you have to make sure that the total height of your windows aligns with other fixtures like doors, ventilation, and other existing windows, so they don’t make your home’s exterior appear odd.

Also, make sure that the windows’ proportion works with the proportion of the entire house and that of the external doors. Small windows next to a large grand doorway can appear very odd. Also, if you place a full-height picture window next to a standard-sized door, it will look extraordinary.


Before installing a full-height window, consider the room it is going in and what you use the space for. For instance, if you place the window in your bedroom, it shouldn’t be too huge because you will need extra privacy lest your neighbors and passers-by gawp at you. Also, your bedroom doesn’t need a lot of natural light because you do not spend a lot of wake time there.

The same case applies to your bathroom. Your bathroom windows should be high up so that nobody sees what you are doing. Full height picture windows are therefore ideal for dining rooms and living rooms because they don’t have a lot of privacy concerns. Furthermore, this is where you will spend most of your wake time.


Check your floorplan before you design full-height windows. This includes checking where you will place your furniture and other fixtures. The location and height of windows are particularly important in kitchens because they will likely affect the placement of kitchen cabinets. Your architect should advise you on the ideal size of your windows so that the exterior and interior spaces can look well-balanced.