Custom Glass Shelves

If you plan to install some shelves in your home or office, you should consider getting custom glass shelves. Instead of buying pre-made glass shelves, you should go for the custom ones because they are of higher quality and can match your style and preference.

Pre-made glass shelves are only available in a few standard configurations that may not necessarily match your taste. This article talks about the different types of custom glass shelves open and their importance.

Different Types of Custom Glass Shelves

Different types of custom glasses are suitable for creating shelves. These glasses come in a variety of textures, colors, and sizes. Here are some of the most popular custom glasses for shelves.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is the type of glass that splinters into many tiny pieces when broken. Also, this type of glass rarely cracks. It is perfect for making shelves, fireplaces, and tabletops.

Annealed Glass

Although annealed glass is perfect for creating shelves, it is not considered a safety glass. It is typically used in small pieces. The maximum size of an annealed glass should be 24” x 24”. If you want to use elements that are larger than this, choose tempered glass. Unlike tempered glass, annealed glass cracks easily and doesn’t shatter into small pieces when broken.

Ceramic Fireplace Glass

This type of glass is designed to resist extreme temperatures, and it is commonly used in woodstoves, gas stoves, ovens, laboratories, and halogen lamps. However, this glass doesn’t shatter when broken. Instead, it cracks into large shards.

Mirror Glass

Mirror glasses are commonly used in bathrooms and other spaces that require some privacy. However, this type of glass is not tempered.

Why You Should Choose Custom Glass Shelves

Whether upgrading your old house or furnishing a new one, you will have difficulty choosing the best shelving option. But before you give up on your search, try custom glass shelves. Here are some of the reasons why custom glass shelves are the best.


Unlike other options, custom glass shelves are highly versatile. You can put them on your walls, cabinets, and bathrooms. These glass shelves will add an entirely new dimension to your interior space.


Custom glass shelves allow you to showcase your valuable and sentimental pieces on the shelves. Other types of shelves can easily overshadow or distract your essential elements while obstructing artificial and natural light.

Low Maintenance

Custom glass shelves are easy to maintain because they just need to be wiped with water, soap, and a piece of cloth. But sometimes, you need to use a small amount of glass cleaner to maintain the quality of your glass shelves.