Clean and Modern: Custom Glass and Aluminum Railings for Your Home

When you are choosing guardrails for your home, you have to consider important factors, such as durability, elegance, safety, and cost. Fortunately, there are many types of guardrails you can use in your house. One of the most sought-after types of home guardrails is custom glass and aluminum railings. This article looks at the main reasons why most homeowners prefer custom glass and aluminum railings.

Why You Should Choose Custom Glass and Aluminum Railings

In the past, wood and iron railings were the preferred choices for many homeowners, but the current advancements in technology have made the custom glass and aluminum railings a more attractive and reliable option for homes. But why? Here are some of the reasons.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Compared to the traditional wood and iron guardrails, custom glass and aluminum railings are easier to clean and maintain because they are sleek and can easily be cleaned with soap, water, and a piece of cloth. You can also clean them with a high-quality glass cleaner for enhanced durability. If the aluminum frames are scratched, you can fix the blemishes with a simple polish. Also, the tempered glass that makes these railings is normally treated at very high temperatures to make it tough and durable.

They Add Elegance

Custom glass and aluminum railings add a contemporary feel to your house, creating an impression of freshness, even in old homes. Their clean lines will also add an element of elegance to your house. If your staircase is narrow, a custom glass and aluminum handrail will make it look more spacious and wider, especially if the glass is transparent. Furthermore, the tempered glass will offer a seamless flow between your railings and the surrounding landscape. Plus, these railings can easily be customized to meet your décor needs.

Safe and Durable

Since your custom glass and aluminum railings won’t have openings or planks, it will be impossible for your kids or pets to get stuck when they stick their heads or limbs through or fall through. Secondly, it’s difficult for kids and pets to climb on glass railings. Additionally, the tempered glass panels don’t shatter into large pieces when broken. They will also serve as barriers against strong winds, snowfall, and rain.

They Improve a Home’s Resale Value

If you want to sell your home, custom glass and aluminum railings will help you look attractive, thus improving its resale value. They will also make your house appear more spacious than it is. For more information on glass railings, contact Designer Glass Specialties.