Uncommon Uses of Glass for Decorative Touches

Glass has proved to be an essential décor element, thanks to its ability to create eye-catching and unique designs. So, if you’re looking for a unique way to add a part of your space’s individuality and aesthetic value, consider using glass. When choosing the right glass for your décor work, there are numerous options.

However, many people imagine that glass is for specific spaces like office partitions, walkways, and doors. But there are many other unique ways to use glass to achieve your desired décor needs, and this article offers some uncommon uses of glass for decorative touches.

Rare Uses of Glass for Décor

Decorative Glass Balustrades

Glass railings have shown to be highly stylish when designed in decorative glasses. You can use either frosted or painted glasses to design your balustrades. These railings are completely eye-catching and unique.

Since not many people know how to use this idea for their offices, shops, and other public spaces, your glass railings will add an element of individuality and elegance to your space. For instance, a glass balustrade designed in painted glass will create a dramatic design statement. In contrast, a railing made with frosted glass will add privacy to your space and give you a space to be creative with things like particular messages and company logos.

Colored Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are a unique way to decorate your walls and are hygienic, tough, long-lasting, and stylish. You can choose many colors for your glass splashbacks, which are perfect for kitchen and bathroom walls.

Glass Floors and Staircases

Glass floors and staircases are a reasonably new décor idea, and they’re also quite dramatic and sleek, primarily when used with colored lights. You can either use clear glass or colored glass, depending on your décor needs, and this décor idea is perfect for commercial and domestic applications.

Glass floors and stairs are easy to clean, durable, and enjoyable to look at. They allow natural light to go through the floor. If you’re concerned about privacy, you can use painted or frosted glass for your floor and stairs. Sandblast or frost your glass to increase its grip to avoid slips and falls. Use toughened glass to withstand the excess weight and daily wear and tear.