Best Design Options for Glass Shower Enclosures

If you plan to upgrade your shower enclosure or install a new one in your house, you should consider using glass. There are many benefits of using glass to design your shower enclosure. For instance, glass allows enough light to illuminate the section without installing an extra light over your shower.

It is also easy to customize so that your shower enclosure matches your preferred style. Glass shower enclosures are also very easy to clean and maintain. Just make sure that the design you choose for your glass shower enclosure is the right one. Here are the best design options for glass shower enclosures.

Mixed Materials Glass Shower Enclosure

If you use a walk-in shower, a stall is the best option for your shower enclosure. You can just have the stall fitted into the wall with a glass front. Some people even add a wall extension to create space for a vanity or bathtub. When constructing the stall, you should consider a prefabricated fiberglass casing because it’s quite pocket-friendly.

You should also consider adding tiles to customize your shower enclosure. Luckily, there is a wide range of glass tiles that you can use to add sparkle to the enclosure. For the front part of the enclosure, you can use a glass wall and door. Hinged glass doors are the best choice for this design option.

Framed Glass Shower Enclosure

A framed glass enclosure is another great option, especially if you do not want new shower walls. For this option, you just install the shower base with a drain in the corner of your bathroom. The rest of the shower enclosure should be made of glass. For this type of enclosure, you should use lightweight, tempered glass with a metal frame.

The frame is designed to support the entire structure and make it stable. If you want a steam bath, you should seal your shower enclosure tight. But if you just want somewhere to take your regular baths, you can leave it open at the top and bottom. Another benefit of framed shower enclosures is that they prevent water from spraying into the rest of the bathroom.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

If you want to allow more light into your shower enclosure, you should go for a frameless shower enclosure. You just need to fix the base in one corner of your bathroom and construct the walls using a heavy glass grade. Instead of using frames to put the structure together, you should use discrete hardware to hold the glass walls together. For more information on glass shower enclosures, talk to Designer Glass Specialties.